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the local legend

Passion for the Climb

Owner Beau Law started Ready to Ride Rentals to share his love of Enduro and the beauty of the American Southwest with the everyone willing to ride. What began out of curious passion in 2018 has expanded into a fully serviced fleet of KTM, Sherco, and Husqvarna Dirt Bikes, offering riders of any class a chance to ride with the industry's top tech and gear.


Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Beau is no stranger to to desert riding. Starting early in life on horseback then moving onto ATVs, he quickly developed a taste for that particular blend of independence, rugged beauty, and personal challenge found in transversing the wilderness. Being active in the enduro riding community is a priority for Beau. He knows once you feel the adrenaline of taking out a fully equipped dirt bike you will too! Beau is a hard core rider at heart and specially sets up all the bikes that we offer for rent here at RTR Rentals. Give him a call today for your next dirt bike rental or guided dirt bike tour in Phoenix,  Arizona.


making RTR

Meet the Family behind the business

Ready to Ride Rentals is owned and operated by Dustin "Beau" Law and Amanda Bills of Phoenix Arizona.

These desert denizens met in Utah and  journeyed to Phoenix, tying the knot in 2013. The next few years saw them combing talents and interests into several entrepreneurial endeavors, culminating in the formation of Ready to Ride Rentals in the Fall of 2018.

In addition to RTR, Amanda works as freelance artist and teaches yoga locally.


Together, they are the proud parents of two pitbull mixes and three cats.

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