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Image by Sergey Pesterev

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Point-to-Point Adventure Routes

Prepare yourself for marvelous adventure! Encounter some of Arizona's best kept secrets while riding point-to-point through a variety of iconic southwestern landscapes.


RTR Adventure Tours are self-guided off-road expeditions that put you in charge of a single- or multiple-day GPS route highlighting local natural wonders, historic & regional cultural sites, neighborhood shops, restaurants and many other can't-miss experiences. Each route come tested by some of the finest off-road adventure connoisseurs and refined by RTR's signature method of fun, support, wonder, sharing and excitement.


Test your trail savvy flying solo or Hire a Guide for a total tour experience. Rent a ride from RTR or supply your own. Scroll for details or visit our  FAQ for common questions.


Overnight Adventure

Begin and end just outside the reach of civilization. What happens within those 48 hours is up you and Nature. Our 2-Day Adventure Routes lead you on a breathtaking off-road loop with a single overnight stay. Manage maps, rest stops, and supplies to make it to your destination before sunset.