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las Vegas

adventure through north america's national parks 85% off road, 1100+ miles

Satisfy your hankering for old-fashioned Americana and the sweeping majesty of the Southwest in a single route! This 7-day & 6-night expedition will trek through a number of historic scenic locations, including:

• Crown King, Mining Town

• Sedona, AZ

• Grand Canyon Camping

• Zions National Park

• Bryce Canyon

• Lake Mead

• Hoover Dam

All this and more leads up to wheelies up the iconic Las Vegas Strip, where you just might clean out an entire five-star buffet, if not the gaming floor. End at the Bellagio Hotel Valet. Hotels, meals & lodging are--you guessed it--included!

  • 7 Days / 6 Nights

  • food & board

  • national parks

  • the grand canyon

  • oh dam

  • spacious skies

  • bikes, bev & bellagio

i rode and rambled & followed my footsteps
through the sparkling sands 
of her
diamond deserts
all around me, a voice was sounding
this land was made
for you and me 

 - woody guthrie
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